Love Blooms in a Grocery Floral Boutique

 Dear Readers,

As they say, “Love is in the air.” At least, that is what Sam and Anne say.
Jean is a cashier at a specialty grocery store in Scottsdale. With the ambience of low lighting, the aromas of hot tenderloin and fresh flowers filling the store, how can customers not linger and just plain enjoy their visit to this unique shopping experience. And that is exactly how Sam met Anne in the floral boutique. 
There are store customers who always try to check out through Jean’s cashier line, and Sam is one of those favorite regulars. Recently, she teased Sam when she noticed he’d been buying a lot of flowers over the last few weeks. 
Sam winked and said, “That Anne in the floral boutique is something special.” 
“Yes, she is,” Jean said. Jean couldn’t wait to talk to Anne to get the scoop. Sam was a sweetheart.
Jean found out later from Anne just how special Sam when Anne related the romantic tale of how he’d wooed her with beautiful flowers, romantic dinners, and his delightful charming company until she said, “Yes,” to his marriage proposal. Anne loves working with flowers and creating beautiful bouquets to this day. And Jean will never forget that flowers aren’t all that can bloom in a grocery floral boutique.



Smith & Steffens

Partners in crime (writing), Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens began writing together when they figured out two heads are better (and faster) than one.

Sally and Jean live in Arizona, the setting for their Jordan Welsh Mystery series.